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Poster: Mr Cranky Date: Jul 4, 2014 10:05am
Forum: movies Subject: Klewsew, someone needs twerking!

As a venerable resident of the IA community, Klewsew, I request your participation in welcoming the new member Arkiver to the IA. His recent actions may have been misinterpreted by people here. If you are still logging onto the IA, your viewpoint on the matter may be of value.

For a quick review of the subject, please give these recent posts your attention.

And please Noah eight minus question mark, give the twerkers a break for continuing to post the uploads in community video instead of at their new collection. It must be difficult for them to modify someone else's automatic upload script when they have little knowledge in scripting themselves. As they learn new tricks we will see improvements. Perhaps one day they will post non-ADZ content.

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 25, 2014 11:08am
Forum: movies Subject: A Round of Applesauce to Mr Jeff - Thank You Truly

Hey Mr. Cranky,

Gads - What a difference a day makes. I logged in to the Moving Image archive and FIFTY PAGES later was STILL seeing nothin but the Blaze. Looking at a coupla date places and they ALL seem to have been uploaded within the previous 48 hours. At 50 items per page that was 2,500 uploads. And still more coming - - - crowding out everyone else. Of course I spoke up in the forum figgering to at least let SOME buddy know about this spew of ..... stuff. Tweakers was bad but THIS - - - - Wow! I even repeated the message at .... "Damn the Bit Bucket - Full spout ahead ! "

Wow... I logged off and later returned to find at least a LITTLE variety in the contributions... at least Blaze hadn't totally overloaded the IA. Maybe I had been somehow shifted over to the Blaze Dumping ground before and now had found the Moving Image Area as intended. Still, Soooooo much from Blaze AND Tweakers AND Watch _ _ _ _ _ Online Free Viooz crowding out everyone else.

Went to the forums and as usual as I let 'My Fingers Do The Walking ' musta hit ANOTHER rong key and wiped out the entire message A-gin. So I composed in MS Word, copied it, an' pasted in the message box.

Today I logged on - - - - An' whattya know.... they're gone.... or they are suddenly elsewhere. Where'd they go? I looked up 'Blaze" in the search window to see just how many uploads there were an' guess what? Search engine didn't find any either. I haven't sought "watch *.* " yet (don' wanna press my luck)

A FEW teakers is/are still around but NOW they appear to be legitimate trailers - - - - in German but legitimate trailers none-the-less.

Looks like we owe Misser Jeff a round of applesause and thankful kudos.... at least a great big wet sloppy one 8-? (I'll let you have that honor as I live far FAR away.)

Truly though a BIG Thank You to Jeff and company.

Noah 8-?

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